Different Ways to Mount your Android Phone or iPhone

There are many reasons for us to travel. Whether it’s for work, to explore, or to satisfy our active lifestyles, we need to get there on some mode of transportation. Oftentimes when we drive, boat or ride a bicycle, we always bring our mobile phones with us as a tool for navigation and communication.

Fortunately, RAM offers some options for us to access our phones safely and securely as we make our way to our destination. Here are some suggested mounts you can use to attach your device securely in your vehicle. It can be used with smartphone brands such as Apple iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel, or any other phones in the market.

  1. Handlebar Mounts

These mounts are great for motorcycles, bikes, boats, or any other type of vehicle with handlebar or rails. It grips the handlebar securely and tightly to make sure that your phone will stay in place even whilst you drive.

  1. Claw Mounts

Mobile Phone Claw Mounts offer the same strong grip as the handlebar mounts but is more flexible when it comes to the diameter size of the pole it can grip. It rotates 360 degrees to let you enjoy the perfect viewing angle for you.

  1. Suction Cup Mounts

To mount your phone on your windshield or any non-porous flat surface, suction mounts are the way to go. These RAM suction cup mounts have a strong adhesive hold that will secure your phone whilst you travel in your car, boat, truck, or any other vehicle.

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