Introducing RAM Form-Fit Powered Cradle for Zebra TC51, 52, 56 & 57

Zebra has been a household name in the enterprise handset industry, bringing some powerful handhelds in the market. Some of their most popular products are the Zebra TC51 and Zebra TC56. They also have some new contenders that are jam-packed with software and features geared toward increasing productivity and making business processes more efficient.

Zebra recently released its latest handsets, the Zebra TC52 and Zebra TC57. Just like their predecessors, these Zebra devices are highly durable to withstand tough working conditions. They are ideal for various industries such as warehousing, sales, transportation, and more. With their compact size, it is easy to bring them wherever work needs to be done.

To maximize the portability of the Zebra Touch Computer, mount the device securely with the RAM Form-Fit Powered Cradle. This RAM mounting solution is tailored to fit the Zebra TC51, TC52, TC56 and TC57. This RAM mounting option is a spring-loaded cradle that allows you to put on and take off your Zebra device with ease with or without the Rubber Boot and Hand Strap add-ons.





The RAM Form-Fit Powered Cradle for Zebra TC51, TC52, TC56, and TC57 is a flexible RAM mounting option that can be used with almost any RAM mounting systems or other mounts available in the market. This Zebra mounting solution is compatible with RAM two-hole AMPS pattern diamond base and comes with a Type A male connector. To get the best charging experience, pair this RAM mounting option with a GDS Modular Hardwire Charger with Female USB Type A Connector or GDS® 2-Port USB Cigarette Charger with Qualcomm Quick Charge.

RAM Form-Fit Powered Cradle for Zebra TC51, 52, 56 & 57 is available at Mounts Australia. For enterprise inquiries, email us at



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