RAM Mounts for Home Applications

RAM Mounts offers a variety of mounting solutions for your smartphone and tablet devices if you’re planning to mount on several locations of your home. With their innovative ball and socket system, you can simply change tablet cradles, arms, and bases for the perfect viewing angle. Here are some of the popular products from RAM that are perfect for home applications to make streaming on Spotify, Netflix, or YouTube easier.

RAM Twist-Lock™ Suction Cup Mount with Universal RAM® X-Grip® Cell/iPhone Cradle (RAM-B-166-UN7U)


RAM Tough Track with X-Grip Cradle for Tablet Mounts


RAM Mounts Intelliskin with GDS Dock Technology

If you’re planning to mount your device on a smooth surface, you can choose to install it with a suction cup base. Or, if you want to mount your device on a more permanent location, you can use a drill-down base. We also recommend the RAM Tough Track for mobility. With RAM Tough Track, you can slide and move your tablet and also mount as many devices as possible. You can use RAM Mounts for your complete kitchen, living room, study area, and home setup.

RAM Mounts Apple iPad Intelliskin and GDS Dock

RAM Mounts will come in handy at these times, especially if you’re facing lockdown. Whether it’s for entertainment to keep you from being bored or if you need to work from home. If you’re working from home, you can use your tablet as a second screen from your desktop monitor. For device charging and data syncing, you can mount your tablet or smartphone with Intelliskin and GDS Technology. Intelliskin is your protective sleeve to prevent damages from accidental drops and simplifies the frequent docking of your device. A charging port is integrated that serves as access to GDS Technology. With Intelliskin and a GDS Dock, your device is kept charged and always at the ready.

Mounting with RAM Mounts makes working from home, following recipes as you cook in the kitchen, and streaming Netflix in your living room easier and convenient. You can check out our list of RAM Mounts Top Solutions here. You can also send us an email at sales@mounts.net.au if you need recommendations.

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