RAM of the Month: Laptop Mounting Solutions

RAM offers various laptop solutions that can fit in your vehicle and provide an ideal position for your laptop, whether it’s drill-down or no-drill. Some of their mounting solutions are also universal and can conveniently fit a wide range of vehicles, whether you’re mounting in your car or truck. You can choose from their laptop mounts that don’t require drilling and vehicle modifications or their universal drill-down solutions.

RAM Reverse Configuration Universal No-Drill Laptop Mount (RAM-VB-196-1-SW1)

This is one of RAM’s well-known universal no-drill laptop mount. It’s a whole kit made with a heavy-duty steel base and laptop tray that can accommodate 10-17” laptops. It’s made with a low profile and can fit in a variety of vehicles. You can mount this solution using the front bench or passenger side seat rail bolts.

RAM® Universal Drill-Down Vehicle Laptop Mount (RAM-VBD-122-SW1)

This product is one of RAM’s drill-down laptop mounts. This mounting solution provides a telescoping feature and reaches a higher maximum height compared to RAM-VB-196-1-SW1. You can also install this universal drill down mount with self-tapping screws or by drilling and bolting its base to the vehicle. This whole kit features a laptop tray compatible with laptops that are 10-16” wide and those with 17” screens.

For more information on RAM’s laptop mounts installation, here’s an instructional video from RAM Mounts:

Mount your laptops easily with RAM Mounts. You can check out our wide range of RAM Mounts solutions available here. Send us an email at sales@strike.com.au for stock availability and information.

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