The Future of Mounting Devices in Vehicles

The landscape of today’s technology is constantly evolving. The same goes with portable devices used in moving industries like transportation, agriculture, fleets, and more. Stakeholders within the companies of these industries acknowledge the need to keep up with technological advancements in order to stay competitive.

RAM has created a wide variety of mounting solutions and mounting systems to help industries be more efficient and increase productivity without a huge cost. RAM mounting solutions are highly customizable depending on the needs and devices of the customers. Our line of RAM mounting options are good for phones, phablets, tablets, and even laptops.


Nowadays, industries are opting for rugged versions of devices to make sure they can withstand the tough working environment. RAM systems are made with high grade materials that are recommended for enterprise use.

Using portable devices in vehicles has a lot of benefits. Users can have a mobile office on the road. After meetings and other activities that are done outside the office, data can be updated or noted into their system in real time. This also prevents the hassle of having to go back to the office just to report or update.

It can also be used to update the worker should there be any additional noted while they are on the road. RAM continues to upgrade and develop mounting systems to satisfy the evolving needs of the users.

RAM mounting systems are available at Mounts Australia! Check out our wide variety of RAM mounting solutions here.

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