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IntelliSkin HD Samsung Galaxy S9

IntelliSkin HD Samsung Galaxy S9


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The IntelliSkin HD case offers users a rugged outer shell for additional military-grade drop protection, ideal for use in commercial fleet, government, public safety, and work truck applications. This version of the IntelliSkin HD is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the RAM-GDS-SKIN-SAM39 IntelliSkin sleeve (included). Simply insert the IntelliSkin-wrapped Samsung Galaxy S9 into the IntelliSkin HD case and screw into place. Eighteen ruggedized docking contacts on the exterior of the IntelliSkin HD provide power and data connection points, preventing damage to the device’s charging port from repetitious docking in field applications. This version of the IntelliSkin HD is supported by the GDS Ecosystem, including USB Type-C GDS vehicle and desktop docks and the GDS Snap-Con adapter. Designed to provide permanent and removable mounting options, the IntelliSkin HD case is also RAM Mounts Compatible. For permanent mounting, the hole pattern on the case attaches to any RAM diamond base adapter (hardware not included). Removable mounting options include the RAM diamond base clip (RAM-HOL-AQ7CU) and RAM belt clip systems (RAP-170U and RAP-382-CLIP1U), allowing users to remove the clips to use compatible GDS Dock and GDS Charge products. Attachment points on the IntelliSkin HD case also make it compatible with the GDS shoulder strap accessory.

Barcode # 793442007668
Brand RAM Mounts
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