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GDS Combo-Locking Power Dual USB Dock Zebra ET5x 10.1"

GDS Combo-Locking Power Dual USB Dock Zebra ET5x 10.1"


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Featuring GDS Technology for data and charging capabilities and a combination lock for theft deterrence, the GDS Vehicle Dock for Zebra ET5x 10.1" series tablets allows you to connect up to two desired peripherals while keeping the device charged through the pogo pin contacts when the device is docked. Power is provided by connecting to the dock's 5.5mm DC power jack, while peripheral support is provided by the built-in dual USB Type A cable. The dock also allows the tablet's scanning function to work through the cutout on the back which also accommodates tablet add-ons such as scanner, hand strap, and PowerPack battery. This vehicle dock is compatible with C and D size RAM 4-hole AMPS and 75mm x 75mm VESA pattern bases for attaching a double socket arm in order to complete your mounting solution. Take the solution a step further by taking advantage of the built-in 2-hole mounting plate compatible with RAM 2-hole diamond base for additional device mounting such as a phone, or other handheld device. An included optional accessory bracket will allow you to connect RAM 2-hole diamond bases for device mounting and features a cable management system.

Barcode # 793442013911
Brand RAM Mounts
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