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GDS Hardwire 10-30V Charger with microUSB Cable

GDS Hardwire 10-30V Charger with microUSB Cable

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The GDS Modular Hardwire Charger with mUSB cable is the ideal solution for providing power to any GDS vehicle solution. With the quick disconnect feature, easily connect any USB Type A charging cable. When it comes time to upgrade, avoid any rewiring by simply unplugging the power connector and attaching the new charger components. Compatible with any 5V device with a current requirement of 2.5A or less.

This part replaces the previous version (RAM-GDS-CHARGE-V7-MUSBU), but now includes a RAM-GDS-CHARGE-V7B1U instead which adds a ferrite choke which reduces potential electromagnetic interference (EMI) with other electronics that might not be properly shielded. It also adds UL 62368-1 certification.

Barcode # 793442110368
Brand RAM Mounts