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IntelliSkin Next Gen Zebra ET4x 10" Enterprise Tablet

IntelliSkin Next Gen Zebra ET4x 10" Enterprise Tablet


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This IntelliSkin Next Generation protective sleeve is designed specifically for the Zebra ET40 & ET45 10" enterprise tablet series. The insert molded design of the skin combines a hard plastic shell with soft, shock-absorbing rubber. Ruggedized charging contacts are located on the bottom of the IntelliSkin for repetitive docking and compatibility across the GDS Ecosystem. This protective sleeve provides military-grade drop protection and cutouts to accommodate the scanning functions of the device. Other cutouts and space in the back of the IntelliSkin provide compatibility with additional Zebra accessories such as the Expansion Back and PowerPack Battery. Connector points on the corners of the IntelliSkin allow the ability to attach the GDS Shoulder Strap accessory.

Barcode # 793442899980
Brand RAM Mounts
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