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Tough-Mag 48mm 4-Point Magnetic Mounting Base

Tough-Mag 48mm 4-Point Magnetic Mounting Base


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The RAM Tough-Mag Magnetic Window Mount (RAM-MAG48-4U) consists of a steel plate with four magnetic ends and four 48mm external magnets for mounting on a window, or any other flat glass surface. The plate contains pre-drilled 4-hole AMPS and VESA patterns for attaching a recommended C, or D size drill-down ball base. The base is designed with rubber coated magnets to prevent scratching the mounting surface and reduce the impact of the jarring magnetic pull. Each external magnet includes a handle in order to easily install the base to a window. Compatible with any sturdy, flat surface up to 6mm in thickness.

Barcode # 793442921261
Brand RAM Mounts
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